Our client is a well known desserts shop in the Egyptian market; known for it’s high quality, unique products with sophisticated designs and distinctive brand image

We wanted to create a sub brand for the new pre packed ice cream range that will match Voilà’s innovative identity, remarkable packaging, with unique design philosophy that will stand out among competitors

Main Icon

we fashioned a unique icon for the product range to be treated as the main emblem that will be used in all the ice cream current and future range

Voilà is known for always delivering out of the box desserts, there is no boring products… same thing with their new ice cream range… so we named the range “cool stuff” indicating the cool additions to the traditional flavors that created the Voilà twist.

“cool stuff” is hugging a nice ice cream spoon with some delicious drizzles.. surrounded by some sparks, that represents the surprising cool flavors in the range

Design Philosophy

The challenge was to create an ice cream packaging that shows the flavors subtly without having to include the traditional fruits or ice cream images… But instead, we wanted to create an illustration language that beautifully translates the flavor as well as communicate the brand’s image and the high product’s quality standards.

Each label has a differentiating color combination that is relatable to the flavor; with a bold readable title in the middle, and each label includes 4 main icons; the flavor pattern, the tasting tongue, the flavor typo, & the exciting optical illusion icon

The Flavor Pattern

moving away from the traditional images and direct flavor illustration; inspired by the flavors’ elements and lines; we created a distinctive geometric patterns assigned for each label; communicated the dominant flavor of the pack harmoniously with the rest of the icons and the unique color palette assigned

The Tasting Tongue

ice cream is meant to be licked, and enjoyed with all the taste buds in the tongue… each group of flavors has a unique impact to our taste buds, thus we grouped the flavours by their taste effect into 4 main categories

(spade) the loved classics like the all time favorite chocolate ice cream!

(Spark) the spark of the fresh taste like that of the fruity flavors

(electric bolt) the clash of flavors that creates unforgettable experiences like yogurt berry or salted caramel

(flower) represents all the nutty rich flavors that elevates any ice cream taste

The Flavor Typo

inspired by the flavor lines and elements we created a unique initials typo for each flavor.. connecting it with the color palette, and flavor pattern, you will be able to easily differentiate each flavor on the shelve and quickly grab your favorite bucket!

The Exciting Optical Illusion

we all experience ice cream differently but we can all agree that ice cream brings happiness and feelings of joy.. the different experiences is presented in a fun optical illusion elements whether it is a dazzling, explosive, loud, oriental, soft, or fun effect

Color Combinations

as we were creating a new direction for the ice cream packaging we wanted the flavors to be easily differentiated in an elegant way… and choosing each flavor’s color palette was as essential as the illustrations themselves

we chose soft baby colors as the main background with more striking icons to grab the attention

color coding the labels was vital to differentiate the flavors and tie all the elements together to the flavor of the pack; creating an appealing ice cream package that is easily spotted on any shelf

Cool Stuff!

working on this cool project for a reputable client was very exciting for our team in Bold Branding; and to create a design language that works with 9 different flavors - so far and ready for expansion - was a challenge that we enjoyed creating and executing! And, we are very proud of the cool outcome!