Christmas Charms is a seasonal packaging for Christmas goodies and treats by Voilà Desserts Shop – a dessert boutique offering luxurious desserts & impressive chocolates.

We named this range Christmas Charms indicating the delightful & fascinating chocolates & treats inside the tubes.. we created a typo for the word using the same lines in the packs design to create a harmonious pack that will grab the attention!

Creating a story with each tube design was essential for the concept so that you keep turning the tube to see more… The more you look, the more you will feel the joy, warmth, and happiness of the Christmas spirit. And we loved creating the design in both packages using neat geometrical lines that forms a continuous design with bold bright colors of Christmas that will translate to instant joy when looked at.

For the large pack we created a design of the beloved Santa in his joyous trip to distribute all the happiness around the world moving from one cozy home to the next with his gorgeous reindeer.

As for the smaller pack we wanted to include a playful animal that enjoys the Christmas as much as we do… and the cats are the first animal that comes to mind sneaking to play in the Christmas tree or simply lay beneath it enjoying the cozy atmosphere. And including the cat in the design certainly introduced a new fresh element to the Christmas; adding a relatable, cute, warm, & magical feeling to the Christmas Spirit.

It’s a Charming Christmas indeed!