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Client: NOTCH  |  artisanal bistro

Category: Full brand Identity - Naming - Full packaging range - production

Notch is an Artisanal Bistro; offering a wide range of authentic artisanal items, crafted with high quality, authenticity and inspiring renovated look.

The product range includes desserts, bakery, sandwiches, juices, and speciality coffee

The idea:

Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of modern artisanal concept we wanted to create a brand identity that reflected authenticity with modern, and minimal style; allowing us to deliver the idea through clear and clean lines, complimemting the beauty of the products.

Logo philosophy:

We created a logo inspired by the revisited artisanal items with a redefined beautiful look... the logo incorporates both authentic originality, and beautiful clean modern lines..

We used only w main items in creating both the icon and the typography; the straight line and the quarter of a circle


We wanted to use the modern, fresh, and clean art to design an icon that is creative, meaningful, and attractive.

The icon is a unity of several mini icons presenting all the main pillars that Notch offers... the wheat spike for the bakery and sandwiches, the hot coffee cup, and the emotions you get from the desserts;

The freshness of the products

The continuous search of better

The perfect consistent quality

The spark you get from trying the range


Using the same elements of straight line and quarter circle, we designed a typography that is traditional, original and sleek, presenting the spirit of the artisanal kitchen craft with a modern look.



The dessert range includes a waves pattern created by the pastry cream.. We designed iconic solid color packaging for the dessert range, so that the packs can match different pieces designs and colors...

Dusty Teal - Blush Pearl - Dusty Beige

Each color is assigned to a significant pack size.

Adding the detail of the embossing elevated the look with touch of luxurious feel to the pack..


White was our color of choice for the paper sleeves of bakery range. It represents freshness, as well as creating a beautiful contrast with all the bakery range.


Deriving from the minimal art style of the logo, we created a very minimal icon for each juice flavor.

We wanted to highlight the freshness of the product, so we created a transparent label, using the color of the juice as a background to the black printed label creating a beautiful contrast, and colorful range.

Glass was the obvious choice for the material, as it is environment friendly, healthier; presenting the brand ethics perfectly.


Notch presents a significant coffee experience that we wanted to emphasize by creating an iconic and distinctive design for the whole section.

Following the same lines of the logo, we created an iconic owl, representing how strong the coffee is...

Beautifully and creatively incorporated in the design of the coffee pouch, sleeve, and board.

The coffee pouches has 2 different label colors coding 2 different origins of the coffee


We created a photography direction that focused on the products' beautiful design and colors, layers, and quality in an older environment that had authentic old tools, plates, and books.

Interior elements:

Wall art:

we added some photos as a wall art element in the store; using the decoupage technique…

we transferred the photos to raw wooden wall frames to give it the vintage washed look and feel of the original artisan concept.

Coffee board and station:

using the same element of the design and look of the coffee pouches; we created the coffee board and station design inspired by the owl and its elements; as well as using the craft material; same as the material for the pouches.