Category: Full brand Identity 

About Egypt Gold:

Egypt Gold, is the biggest gold trading company in Egypt & the region; it is the first gold trading company in Egypt; the first to have a gold factory with recent technologies; as well as the first to establish a Jewelry manufacture training school

Design Philosophy:

Inspired by Ancient Egypt - The first solid evidence of human interaction with gold comes from the ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians were responsible for numerous “firsts” in the area of gold advancement;

Along with the fact thatEgypt Gold is also responsible for a lot of current “firsts” in the area of Gold Industry advancement in Egypt, and the region.. We wanted to create a logo inspired by our magnificent ancestors, because Egypt Gold’s milestones in the field industry made it worthy of the resemblance.

Logo Lines:

We wanted to rebrand the identity with a bold, significant, authentic image..

In ancient Egypt, the lotus represents rebirth. We created a logo option that includes the Lotus endings that resembles the rebirth of the Egypt Gold brand into its new skin.. with the Pharaonic Boat lines that represents their continuous journey of development and innovation… creating authentic, fresh and bold logo that is memorable and prestigious matching the actual brand image and equity in the market.