Client: Éclat Jewelry

Category: Full brand Identity - Rebranding - Packaging design

Brand Persona: éclat is a brand for fine, trendy & precious jewelry pieces that speaks to the modern, up to date females. A brand that is bold, feminine, classy for the determined women with their huge collection variety that they produce; their products covers all the styles; from the minimal simple designs, to the statement, show stopper pieces.. thus expanding their target age groups… so we wanted to create a brand that will appeal to all

Inspiration: éclat means the brilliance or the shine and spark.. Inspired by the word éclat… that is the spark you get from the fine gold and jewelry pieces… and the feeling you get from wearing such valuable items!!

Slogan: the brand’s main message is to make éclat – the spark the new daily essential… the spark from inside out.. creating a self empowerment and motivation to let your personality shines… and reflecting this shine on the timeless gold pieces that can be included in your daily life… and thus the slogan; Spark Brighter Everyday

Grids & Lines: With bold defined lines, we created soft curves for a balanced look and feel of the logo… designing a sleek, timeless and noticeable logo that has the full meaning and feeling of the spark that can’t be missed or overlooked…

Our spark icon is created from the 1/4 circle inverted shape assembled together

Iconography: the e and the spark. Our Spark is positioned right with the letter “e”; substituting its accent and creating the main icon of the brand the letter e with the sparkly glow!! It is the stamp we created for the brand to become the trademark that is carefully positioned on the precious pieces, as well as the different MarCom tools.

Packaging: For the packaging, we created a minimal design with the soft brand colors and a logo black hot stamp for an extra luxurious feel.. adding a wrapping paper with the spark pattern for a complete branding look.. we chose the practical packaging design of the drawer box, as it will allow customers to stack boxes beautifully with each purchase adding a soft colored set of drawers to their dressers with a practical use!